Los Angeles-Grand Canyon-Disneyland-Las Vegas-Hollywood Universal Studio 8 Days $999+

Departure Dates: Everyday

Day1 Home-Los Angeles-Santa Monica

Your pleasant trip will start upon landing at Los Angeles international airport.  The tour guide who wears blue uniform will meet you atthe baggage claim area (for U.S domestic flight) or flower shop of Tom Bradley Terminal(for International Flight). A formal day-by-day tour itinerary will be provided to you by the tour guide, and then you will be transferred to the hotel for check in. Airport pick up time by tour guide: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM (for U.S domestic flights) or 8:30AM to 9:30PM (for international flights). Customers need to go to red waiting area outside of the terminal to take free hotel shuttle. By self if beyond the pickup time frame.If you arrive in Los Angeles before 5:00p.m, you may join Santa Monica tour at yourown expense ($20). You are free to enjoy the golden beach, famous marina play ground, luxury shopping street, various restaurants and street performance.

Hotel: Best Western Plus South Bay Hotel (free breakfast) or Similar

Day2 Universal Studios
Today, the first stop is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was built in 1958 by California’s artist--- Oliver Weismuller. It consists of more than 2,400 five-pointed stars embedded in the sidewalks. The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry. Walk of Fame runs 1.3 miles, starting from Grauman's Chinese Theatre where the Oscar ceremony was held from 1944 to 1946. The Oscar ceremony has changed to be holding in Dolby Theatre (Used to be Kodak Theatre) since 2001. In fact, this is the home for many movie premieres. Universal Studio City set up in 1915 to serve as the general headquarters of what was already the biggest film company in the United States. Such film studios as MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and United Artists were not yet in existence. Universal Studio Hollywood was opened to the public on July 4, 1964, when the film market had dipped due to the rise of television in the early 1960s. This attraction now draws millions of visitors annually and brings biggest income to the studios. The Universal Studio, is located in Hollywood, capital of the American film industry, occupies an entire hill and covers 525 acres, 485 of which are in actual use. It comprises 48 film studios, of which 32 are devoted to shooting films. Universal  Studio City is the biggest film and TV producer in the world. The tour takes visitors through thrilling cinematic spectacles, such as bridge-crushing snow avalanches, exploding mountain torrents, giant white sharks, a roaring effigy of King Kong, and so forth. Virtual reality mock –ups from the films “Back to the Future”, “Jurassic Park”, and “Aliens” are excruciatingly life-like, And awe-inspiring are the nerve-shattering special effects in “Water World” and “Wild West”, and in the stereoscopic films “Transformers 4D.” The fun is accentuated by song- and –dance performances and animal show as well as humorous and comic children’s programs.

Hotel: Ramada Inn(Free Breakfast) / Quality Inn(Free Breakfast) / Days Inn(Free Breakfast) / Best Western(Free Breakfast) / Comfort Suites(Free Breakfast) or similar

Day3 Los Angeles - Fashion Outlet - Las Vegas
Departure from Los Angeles in the morning, along with San Bernardino Mountains and enter Mojave Desert, the largest continental desert in North America. The boundless land is decorated by bizarre-shaped Joshua trees and yucca plants. You will make a brief stop at Fashion Outlet  to do some shopping and have lunch, and then head to Las Vegas - “the entertainment capital of the world”. You may take an optional night tour to explore the prosperity of night life in Las Vegas, enjoy all the spectacles and fantasies on the strip! The tour guide will lead you to explore the World’s largest hotel Palazzo Venetian Mega Centre, neon-light show on Fremont Street, Music Fountain at Bellagio and the volcano show at Mirage. Stay overnight in Las Vegas.

Hotel: Stratosphere Hotel

Day 4  Las Vegas-Grand Canyon(West/South)-Las Vegas
Drive to Hoover Dam in the morning, sightsee this largest and tallest concrete structure of it’s time. Visit the dam and overlook North America's largest artificial lake - Lake Mead. Then, travel to one of the most famous 7 natural wonders in the world - the Grand Canyon! You can choose to go to West Rim or South Rim:

West Rim (Skywalk): Over eons, the Colorado River and erosion have sculpted this amazing landscape. Grand Canyon west rim belongs to Indian Reservation (Mandatory Admission to Grand Canyon West Rim). The group will take the designated park shuttle to enter the canyon. Upon arriving in the terminal, you may take the helicopter ride and sightseeing boat tour (Optional), in order to feel the canyon and Colorado River from different perspective and explore the true beauty of the Grand Canyon. Afterwards, you may take the park shuttle to the next sightseeing spots, Eagle Point and Guano Point. At Eagle Point, you may take an optional visit to the "Skywalk", which is the new gigantic construction built on the very edge of the Grand Canyon West Rim. The group will return to Las Vegas in the evening. You may watch the world’s renowned show at your own cost (optional). South Rim: Here is the world's most vivid erosion model, which is why the Grand Canyon has not only become a textbook for the geologist and paleontologist, but also made the millions of tourists each year filled with emotion when they face the masterpiece of creator. You may watch the IMAX movie of the history of Grand Canyon at the entrance at your own cost. Then, go to the largest view point near visitor center - Mather Point. If God is the creator of the Grand Canyon, Colorado River is an artist who has carved the Grand Canyon. Despite the passion in summer and the cold in winter, the river and valley’s history of romance has been going on for six hundred million years long. Sunshine and clouds are always alternating controls over the canyon, adding a dash of style to the magnificent scenic picture. The group will return toLas Vegas in the evening. You may watch the world’s renowned show at your own cost (optional).   *Mandatory Admission to Grand Canyon South Rim

Hotel: Stratosphere Hotel or similar

Day5 Ethel M Chocolate Factory/Botanical Cactus Garden-Outlet-Los Angeles
In the morning, visit Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens outside of The Strip. You can see chocolates being made, sample gourmet treats and meander through the maze of paths at the Botanical Cactus Gardens at no charge. Be sure to sample a piece of fresh made chocolate! After having lunch in Las Vegas, the group heads back to Los Angeles. Stop by Barstow Outlet for short rest before continuing to Los Angeles. Arrive in Los Angeles in the evening.

Hotel: Ramada Inn(Free Breakfast) / Quality Inn(Free Breakfast) / Days Inn(Free Breakfast) / Best Western(Free Breakfast) / Comfort Suites(Free Breakfast) or similar

Day6 Disneyland
Driving along Interstate 5 South in the morning, the group will reach our destination-Disneyland, ''The Happiest Place on Earth''.  
Disneyland, created by Walt Disney, the King of animated films, was merely a small orchard overgrown with orange and walnut trees in 1954. There were no castles here at the time, nor was there today’s adorable fairy-story world. Walt decided to build Disneyland because every Saturday his little daughter would ask him to seat on a bench and tell her a new and interesting story. This gave him an inspiration: why not build a family-type entertainment park here so that all family members could come and have a good time? This grandiose plan was finally materialized on July 17, 1955. The entire entertainment park took up 230 acres of land, and everything in it embodied Walt’s concept of having every person who comes here feel as though coming to a joyful paradise. Disneyland will never be regarded as completed, since it will be constantly expanded and modified in an effort to attain the acme of perfection.There are eight major areas. A ride on a “steam locomotive” on Main Street U.S.A and monorail trolley takes one back to the simple life in early American towns; in Tomorrow land, high-speed spinning flying vehicles carry you into the galaxies of the universe; New Orleans square recreates enchanting scenes of new Orleans in yesteryear Louisiana; Adventure land features primeval forests and swamps; the “Indiana Jones Adventure” train is a favorite with visitors; in Mickey’s Town you can chat with Mickey and Minnie; in Frontier land, river boats and mine wagons give you an idea of the ardors of the former Wild West; a small raft will take you to Tom Sawyer’s island; in Fantasy land you can pose for picture with Snow White, Donald Duck, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and other favorite Disney characters, or soar through the skies with peter Pan, or wander through Wonderland hand-in –hand with Alice. The newly completed “Tomorrow land” draws even more tourists who enjoy themselves so much they can hardly tear themselves away.

Hotel: Ramada Inn(Free Breakfast) / Quality Inn(Free Breakfast) / Days Inn(Free Breakfast) / Best Western(Free Breakfast) / Comfort Suites(Free Breakfast) or similar

Day7 Sea World
In the morning, the group departs from Los  Angeles to San Diego, the most beautiful harbor city in the state of California. You may take an optional boat tour to enjoy the coastal scenery and also explore the U.S aircraft carrier on the way. Afterwards, visit the world largest aquarium- Sea World, which locates along Mission  Bay and has opened since March 21, 1964.
The Sea World offers the public with its animal performances, rides and exhibitions laid out in a huge 150 acre area. It has been hosting over one hundred million visitors. The performances by various denizens of the ocean dolphins, walruses, sea lions and so forth enjoy worldwide renown. Exhibitions of special skills at the Beach Stadium by killer whales weighing more than two tons, in particular, are great crowd-pleasers. These whales leap to a height of 24 above the water, throwing up waves that drench spectators in the front rows and make youngsters jump, shriek, and laugh with joy. The humorous exchanges between the whales and their trainers also elicit a great deal of merriment among the spectators. The intelligent performances by various birds, too, are most amusing. The Bermuda Triangle takes one into a colorful underwater world where one explores the secrets of the ocean depths. Penguins, sharks, and freshwater fish in aquariums keep visitors rooted to the spot with their mysteries. In the open areas of park, visitors may touch sea stars, sea urchins, and other lovable creatures of the ocean. At the Forbidden Reef, one may stretch out a hand and feels the smooth bodies of rays, and, through the sides of Aquariums, exchange stares with big conger pike. The Rocky Point Preserve is a favorite with young visitors. One may buy a bit with which to feed the dolphins, or touch their long bottle-shaped noses and take photos next to their cute little eyes. 
The park’s exotic flowers and plants, the blue sky and azure, and gentle breezes all conspire to fill one with a sense of well-being. Visitors virtually fall over each other to rake a ride on the new Shipwreck Rapids, the park’s first adventure ride.

Hotel: Ramada Inn(Free Breakfast) / Quality Inn(Free Breakfast) / Days Inn(Free Breakfast) / Best Western(Free Breakfast) / Comfort Suites(Free Breakfast) or similar

Day 8 LA City Tour/Palm Spring Outlet
As the departure dates above, you can choose to join one of the followings:
1. LA City Tour
2. Palm Spring Outlet

*Please schedule your flights to depart from Los Angeles airport (LAX) after 8:30p.m ( U.S domestic flights) or 9:30p.m (international flights).
Special Notes
1.Please choose Grand Canyon West Rim or South Rim (Admission fee is not included) when you book the tour.
2.Free LAX pick up time: 8:30AM-10:30PM (international: 9:30PM)
3.Please arrange your flight to depart from LAX after 8:30PM (domestic) or 9:30PM (international) on the last day of your tour.
4.The sequence of your trip may be varied, due to the different departure dates. Please follow your final itinerary from Golden Int'l Travel.

Price Includes
1.6-Night Hotel Accommodations, 
2.Admission Fees to Theme Parks, 
3.English-Speaking Tour Escort services, 
4.Ground Transportation service via luxury coach as specified in itinerary, 
5.Airport Transfer Services

Price Excludes
1. Service Charge for tour group leader, tour guide, driver etc. (US$7/person per day)
2. Optional tour items, admission fees
3. Personal expense
4. Air fares

Optional Admission Package (For Your Reference Only)

IMAX Movie    US$13 / adult; US$11/child
Grand Canyon West Rim Admission Fee:     US$80 / person
Grand Canyon South Rim Admission Fee:     US$25 / person
Skywalk:     US$35 / person
Helicopter+Boat Tour:     US$205 / person
Las Vegas Night Tour:      US$25 / person
Las Vegas Magic Show:     US$73 / person
Las Vegas Jubilee Show Ticket:     US$92 / person
Las Vegas La Reve Show:     US$158 / person

Please make reservation in our office (Peel Metro)