15 days highlights of EUROPE & BRITAIN Guided tour $2990/Q

Well-designed itinerary begins in Rome wonderful journey, and in London to leave, do not turn back, save a lot of drive, more time to explore more care of your travel needs.
In the 2012 Olympics city - London, sightseeing all day, and tour two days in Paris.
Expensive tickets all inclusive, no tricks, include - Titlis cable car ﹑ Colosseum and so on.
Take "Eurostar" Chunnel high-speed rail shuttle.
Special arrangements for sightseeing boat trips to Amsterdam, the three major European river ︰ Mama River, the Rhine and the Seine.
Plus swim 56 floors Man Bosi mansion overlooks panoramic view of Paris.
Arrangements hanging around the famous shopping cities: Milan, Paris, London, the brand-name outlet stores.


Tour City: France - Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Vatican City - Netherlands - Belgium - United Kingdom