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Quebec city & Montmorency Falls 1 day

Departure Date:Saturday(Winter), Wednesday & Saturday(Summer)

$39.00 $24.89
wondertravel|Quebec city & Montmorency Falls 1 day

We will leave Montreal around 7:00am,  it takes around 3 hours to drive to the Montmorency Falls. At 83 meters high, it is the largest waterfalls in the Province of Quebec. We will take a sightseeing cable car  to the top of the Falls to admire the beauty and the magnificence of the St-Lawrence River and its surrounding areas. You can walk along the suspension bridge to feel the power of the Falls. After buffet lunch , we will go to Quebec City, the oldest city in North America. We ....More Details

New York City 3 Days--sightseeing&shopping(just 3 activities required)$78+

Departure Friday.UN Building, Rockefeller Centre, Broadway, Times Square, Grand Zero, Statue of Liber

$109.00 $78.00
wondertravel|New York City 3 Days--sightseeing&shopping(just 3 activities required)$78+

Day 1 Montreal - We will leave Montreal at 6:00am(except the holidays). After having a delicious lunch at Albany, we will arrive at New York around 3:30PM. You will go to the top of The Rock Observation Deck, which is a very interesting experience in terms of history and scenery. We will enjoy unparalleled views of NYC from the newly opened Observation Deck on the 70th floor of 30 Rockefeller Center, in the heart of midtown Manhattan.....More Details

Toronto,1000 islands&Niagara Falls 2 Days

Departure Date: Saturday(Winter), Monday/Wednesday/Saturday(Summer)

$79.00 $65.00
wondertravel|Toronto,1000 islands&Niagara Falls 2 Days

Day 1 Montreal - 1000 Islands - Toronto
You will leave Montreal at 7:00am. It takes around 3 hours drive to 1000 islands, you will take the cruise to visit 1000 islands.  After lunch at an international buffet restaurant, you will go to Toronto, the biggest city in Canada.You will visit the CN Tower, the City Hall, the Parliament Building and Toronto downtown. Upon arrival, you will enjoy the colorful night scenery. You will stay a....More Details

New York 3 Days--Independent Free Time(no obligation to take activities)$110+

Departure: Friday/Saturday/Wednesday* New York Free Time Visit,Shopping,Transfer to Hotel

$129.00 $110.00
wondertravel|New York 3 Days--Independent  Free Time(no obligation to take  activities)$110+

Day 1 Montreal - Depart from Montreal at 6:00am (except the holidays) Lunch Buffet in Albany. After 6 hours, upon arrival, we will get off the bus at Time Square. Around 20:00pm, the bus will pick us up at the same place where we get off, then transfer us back to the hotel. If we would like to enjoy the colorful night-life in Manhattan, we may stay there and take a public transportation back to hotel by ourselves. Hotel: Ramada (free breakfast) or similar ....More Details

Toronto,1000 islands ,Niagara Falls 3 Days $78+

Departure Date: Saturday. Departure City: Montreal

$119.00 $78.00
wondertravel|Toronto,1000 islands ,Niagara Falls 3 Days $78+

Day 1 Montreal - 1000 Islands - Toronto -- Departure from Montreal at 7:00 AM. Around 2.5 hours’ drive, we will stop at 1000 Islands for a sightseeing cruise to have a panoramic view of historic Kingston as well as 1000 Islands and the surrounding areas. After lunch in an Asian-style buffet restaurant,  we will continue to go to Toronto. Upon arrival in Toronto, we will visit Ontario Provincial Parliament Building, Toronto City Hall, and University....More Details